Sunday, 31 March 2019

Urban Demons 0.11-beta - Released!

Hey guys,
0.11 has been released and ready for download!

DOWNLOAD. Here is the full change log: New scenes / events:
- Neala's Full Progression has been added (including a new BJ scene for her), including her cosplay event - Kimberly's Store Doggy intro has been added - Kimberly's Cosplay Costume and Event have been added - Sarah's "10 heart scene" has been added (this replaces the art that occurs when Fred records you with Sarah) - Lisa's "10 heart scene" has been added (this replaces the former missionary art) - Donna's Daily Dialogue's have been completed Gameplay Changes: - The Otherworld is once again accessible - The Invisibility and Persuasion skills are no longer available from the start and must be found in the Otherworld - The Cafe has been majorly reworked - there are now more characters there are certain times and hopefully some scenes will come in the future! Bug Fixes: - Fixed a major bug where sometimes the auto-save would load to a black screen - Made it less confusing for Donna's progression. The journal entry doesn't show the Donna invite to school option until she has visited home - Fixed an issue where the first Donna home visit is skipped - You can now no longer visit the school on the weekend or the bar earlier than the afternoon/night