Friday, 22 February 2019

Urban Demons 0.10-beta.1

Hey all!


Now unfortunately I ran out of time this week to complete everything on the list, before I had plans for the weekend. However that said my focus on Sunday evening/ Monday will be adding in the important bits missing from this (see below), with hopefully a new build being ready (0.10-beta.2) Monday evening.

The next build official build will be 0.11 which will focus heavily on the Neala re-write, which involve a bit of the Underworld, but mostly will be based on your interactions with her in the real world. This build will also contain the incomplete work not released in the build this Monday.
I'm very much hoping to get this build done quite soon, I don't want to give a deadline, but I will say I expect it to be an extreme difference from the wait between 0.9 -> 0.10. But there will be an update more on this on Monday about how things are going.

Anyway, here's the change log:

Major Changes:
 - Donna re-write
- Full re-write you can now get her to your home and the school, and interact in the bar
- 1 New scene
 - The new map transfer system has been added
- Basically the city map is different
- You can view who is at what location for each day (but you have to discover that information first)
- North District and Central District now appear on the same map
 - You can now visit the public pool and invest!
- Buy Brigette, Sydney, Mrs Jennings, Ms Amos and Kimberly some sexy swim suits and have some fun!
 - Highschool has been added back in
- Very few interactions so far, but will be expanded upon in the future
Minor Changes:
 - The cost of comic shop investment has dropped to 400
 - The cost of comic costumes has dropped to 100
 - The camera is now only purchasable once and camera interactions spots should only appear now when you can actually use it
- Dizzy's recording scene is now available
- Ms Amos recording scene is now available
- Lisa's hidden recording scene is now available
Bug Fixes:
 - Sydney Babysitting Wardrobe Fuck now working
 - Added the Neala bust back into the file system, even though she's not back in the game yet it stops you crashing if you do find her
 - Can no longer get the Sydney dinner scene when she isn't there
 - Fixed a load of bugs on the Ms Amos and Sarah BM route

Incomplete / Known Issues:
 X All Donna's dialogue after first time scenes
 X Donna's Level 4 daily dialogue
 X Sydney's babysitting dialogue
 - Re-write the pay me on dialogues
 - Lisa Morning car BJ dialogue level 2 and up
 - Lisa Pre Toilet Dialogue Level 4/5
 - Kimberly store dialogue 4&5
 - Brigette - Store scenes (Build up dialogue is there, just scene dialogue is missing for BJ and Fuck)
 - Make Mrs Jennings Store TF repeatable
 - Ms Amos Dialogue (all levels) at the cafe
 X Failed to load dialogue: Data/Dialogues/Mrs Jennings/babysitting-corruption/3.txt
 X Failed to load dialogue:Data/Dialogues/Mrs Jennings/babysitting-purity/5.txt
 X Data/Dialogues/Dizzy/paymeon-peter-home-missionary-purity/5.txt

Hope you all enjoy and will catch up again in a couple days!
 - Nergal