Monday, 18 June 2018

Urban Demons - patch fix

I know, another patch so soon? I'm just trying to make the build as stable as possible so development on 1.0 can begin on a (hopefully) clean slate. If no further major issues are reported then this should be he last patch for 0.9.2 and the development work for 1.0 can begin.

Download the patch here. 

Patch Notes:

 - Fixed an issue with the second Brigette chilli scene playing causing players to get stuck (Map 14)

 - Fixed Ms Amos level 4 invite fuck - she won't invite you until you've got all her dialogue (Long Progression only)

 - Fixed the Mrs Jennings x Brigette post threesome dialogue (again)

 - Fixed Ms Amos Journal Crash

 - Fixed Dizzy dialogue giving points to Sarah in certain dialogues.

 - Fixed Ms Amos Store Grope dialogue

 - Fixed a bug where Sarah's BJ at level 2 would cause the BG to stay on screen

 -- This will fix your save AS LONG AS YOU DIDN'T GO OFF THAT MAP

 - No window appears when seeing Ms Amos masturbate when playing hide & seek

 - Sydney PayMeOn now allows her scene to be uploaded instead of Dizzy's (you have to replay the scene though)

 - Brigette's PayMeOn scene now plays

 - Mrs Jennings PayMeOn scene now plays (the tell her about it one)

 - Sydney now allows you to take a photo of her in the afternoon at the TV

 - Fixed issue with saving Amanda from creep on corrupt route

 - Fixed an issue with Kimberly's text messages

 - Brigette's Ride scene now plays at level 5

 - Fixed the morning shower at level 5 so the grope picture doesn't stay stuck on the screen

 - Brigette Level 5 undertable BJ now plays

 - Fred threesome/fred record scenes now play properly

 - Fixed a bug where if you failed (or didn't do all dialogue) before Brigette awake ride triggers you couldn't complete it

  -- If you were in this position before simply reload and try going to sleep again, it will fix the issue