Sunday, 17 June 2018

Urban Demons patch

Just a quick patch fixing a few issues:

 - Fixed a few errors in the undertable-bj for Sydney at various levels and routes
 - Fixed some erros in dialogue for Ms Amos Alone BJ
 - fixed Sydney day anal for level 4 dialogue
 - Fixed an issue where a player could get stuck if he showers first then offers to help Brigette make dinner
 - Fixed Brigette Shower Show off at Level 5 & Fixed a bug where Ms Amos would gain rep on a shower grope instead of Brigette 
 - Corrected Script call for checking if you already have the picture of Sydney changing
 - Helping Dizzy no longer skips and extra time period when it's not supposed to
 - Kimberly and Amanda no longer appear twice when attempting to find Amanda for the second time