Saturday, 2 June 2018

Urban Demons 0.9.1!

The time has finally come to share the 0.9 build, and I'll say from the off it's not fully complete, but it's definitely complete enough I think most people can enjoy.

One important thing to note. If you get a crash during a scene that has an error that has something about "Cache". Just try the scene again. It's a random error and there doesn't seem to be any repeatable way of replicating it. But it shouldn't lock you out of progress.

When I return I'll be doing quick 0.9.2 update and then the focus will be on the road to 1.0! I'd expect the update 2 weeks today (after I return home from a week away)

A quick note - Brigette's Daily dialogues didn't make it in, meaning Long Progression will seem a little lack luster. I'd advise you save her Long Progression for the 0.9.2 update.

What will be included for this 0.9.2 update?
 - Bug fixes for bugs reported
 - Brigette's Daily Dialogues
 - Ms Amos Journal entries (not sure how, but she was missed - you can view a walk through here.)
 - Level 5 Daily Dialogues for all characters
 - Taking / Selling Pictures (So far this will stop players progressing due to lack of funds - so I've put something for that in the 0.9.1 build)
 - Hall of Memories (I've left access to the debug room (press Q), however do this on a separate save!)

What will be included in the 1.0 update?
 - A lot of new content, plus:
 - Return to the Otherworld
 - Neala, Kaylee and Donna complete reworks
 - Main Map Complete Rework
 - Sound focus for scenes (random sounds + getting them back up to scratch)
 - Sex Shop and Public Pool investment (for those extra busts)

You can find the build here!

You will require 7\zip to unzip the files.