Friday, 2 December 2016

Update + a bit of a plug

Hey all! Hope you guys are well.

Just thought I'd give a small update and do something I haven't done yet, is plug someone elses project! Dun dun dun!

So A Zombie's Life 0.5 will be available within the next couple of days for patrons (it would have been today but there has been a couple art delays.) With the public version going live 2 weeks from today (16th.)

Urban demons is a bit up in the air at the minute. I feel like there won't be much additional content by the time next Friday rolls around, so I may do a late Urban Demons 0.1 build closer to the end of the year for patrons, with it being released early new year to the public.

One thing I have decided (which was the helpful suggestion of a commentor on this blog, gsyosuke) After A Zombie's Life has "finished" it will be going into a sort of "Maintenance" or "Archival" mode. I'll be doing this with all of my projects. It basically means there won't be any major story or map updates, but it will mean ocassionally new characters, different scenes, alternative versions to scenes will be added to the game and released to $1 patrons (and eventually public of course).

Obviously, we are still a fair few months away from that happening, but I really like the idea of that, so wanted to sort of announce that was my plan for it going forward. Eventually the updates will stop, and it will just be the finished version of the game, but still expects for a while after I declare it "finished."

(Thaks again gsyosuke for the idea!)

Also next year as a small project that will probably last a few months I'm thinking of making a platform shooter. It will feature a Zero Suit Samus look alike, and won't be a huge game. I'm still deciding the odds and ends of it, but will probably start work just after AZL has gone into Maintenance mode. (And will probably start acquiring artwork just before that.)

Anyway, I just wanted to share with you guys this content creator here.

Beggar of Net.

I'm sure some of you are already very aware of his work on his game "My New Life", but thought I'd also share with those who may not be aware. His game has a lot of potential, normally I shy away from 3D stuff, but there's something about his models (specifically the female ones) that are really fantastic. (Probably because I'm actually more an ass man anyway xD)

The game is similar to UxL, but there seems like there is going to be a whole host of NPCs! Which you have to love.

He also does some fantastic artwork too, so if you become a patron you get a sort of double deal. I'm atcually a patron for him myself. If you can ignore the broken English (it's fine, it's not his language and I don't fault anyone for that) then I'm sure you will enjoy this game!

He also has a public blog.

And no before someone makes any sort of smart ass comment, I've not been asked to plug his game xD I just randomly played it and was really surprised! Expect this sort of thing in the future (when I actually manage to get time to play more games!)