Sunday, 13 November 2016

A big thank you to everyone who follows and supports!

Hey all!

We've reached a couple big milestones in the past few days. Not only has the Patreon reached over $3,000 a month (I really wasn't expecting that in such a short manner of time.) But the blog itself has reached over 1 million views!

I honestly was never expecting this to take off in the way it has, and I thank everyone who has supported the project/community in some way, whether it be commenting, offering to help or contributing to the projects. I mean this truthfully, but none of this would have been possible without the great community we have created here.

The interaction part I play in this has dwindled lately, and for that I apologise, but I've been very focused on trying to progress these games as much as possible.

But seeing as it has been a while since my last update, I thought I'd give a large update for each of the projects. So...

A Zombie's Life

This fun project will be reaching it's fifth build at the beginning of next month. ScarlettAnn has been working hard as always, and now I've hired an animator, Sijix to help out with that. He really impressed me with his first scene. The fluidity of the animation is just great! He'll be adding a water marked version of the Aunt scene soon, so be sure to keep an eye out for that! ^^

But as with all things they must eventually come to an end. Although this is in the future, it's within sight, and I imagine within the next 4-5 months (maybe sooner if I get my ass in gear) my time spent on a Zombie's Life will be at an end.

The thing with these on-going projects is, you can always say more can be added, or things can be improved, but eventually you have to find a place to call it. However, I won't be leaving it with any major bugs, nor will I will be stopping until I deem it is complete. And I'm also looking forward to the day I can say "I made this finished game."

AZL 0.4 Public Release: This Friday
AZL 0.5 Patron Release: 02/12/2016
AZL 0.5 Public Release: 16/12/2016

Urban Demons

Urban Demons is proving to be a whole new kettle of fish. Mechanically it is simpler than A Zombie's Life, but the scope of the project is much larger. With 17 characters, all of whom will have busts along with a variety of scenes, the large part of the work here will be incorporating these scenes into the game. Which means Urban Demons is going to have a lot more focus on dialogue than AZL.

By that I mean, every dialogue will be dependent on the NPCs "corruption"/"relationship level" with the character, instead of just the sex dialogue like in AZL.

My plan is to focus first on the story line and creating the fairly large over arching story that will make up the majority of the progression in the game, while GlassFish is working on the busts/scenes. That way when there is a backlog of scenes I can implement them in large batches.

I'm thinking Urban Demons will have a longer wait between updates, but the updates themselves will be large offering a lot of new scenes with the variety of NPCs in the game.

Anyway I'm looking forward to showing you the demo that was released to patrons on Friday!

UD Demo Release: This Friday
UD 0.1 Patron Release: 09/12/2016
UD 0.1 Public Release: 23/12/2016 (Merry Christmas!)

The Solarion Project

Ah... my baby. So Unity is proving to be a bit of beast to get my head around, despite being able to use C#, I feel like there is a different mind set you need to adopt when developing with unity. I've purchased a few systems that will help me out in the long run, meaning I don't have to develop an engine from scratch so to speak.

Artwork from Witchking00 has been fully acquired. And I've been working with the background artist, pusyicecream quite extensively. So far he's created 13 backgrounds for different locations of the game, with quite a few more to go! It's definitely given a sense of style to the game already. ChrisArmin also should be starting work on animations soon.

There might be a bit of time before a build for this is ready, as I'm slowly working out the best way to approach this in Unity. But a nice, polished demo should hopefully be out sometime next year! I'm looking forward to delivering something not in RPG maker. And honestly, unless the type of game I'm going to create fits it, I doubt I'll be using rpg maker again after A Zombie's Life/ Urban Demons is complete.

This is project where I want to put my time, but haven't been able to so far. Once A Zombie's Life is complete I will be focusing on this project above all else!

The Solarion Project Demo: TBA - 2017

Blog/ Patron/ Forum

First off I'll start by saying, the forum is gone. I deleted it today as it was mainly unused and no longer fulfilled the purpose it set out to be. Thanks for those who used it though!

Also, I have been considering, possibly deleting my blog too. The reasons for this are quite simply I'd rather have one place to update everyone. You don't need to be a patron of mine (or signed into patreon at all) to see the updates (like this one for example). And it makes it easier for me to update everyone in one location, and to completely merge the community into one place. It's not something I am definitely going forward with, but it's definitely a possibility that has come across my mind.

As for the patron itself, it's in desperate need of a redesign, so I may focus on that a bit this week.

Thanks again to everyone for their support in which ever way they give! I really appreciate any help given to me, especially the kind words from people when I thought I was going to be made redundant. Lets continue to make our community a friendly great place full of ideas and discussion! Until next time!

- Nergal