Saturday, 1 October 2016

Urban Demons Relationship Progression

Sorry to spam posts so short together.

But I came up with an idea that I think would suit Urban Demons really well, so just wanted some initial feedback.

The idea behind this is you have 2 stats for each relationship.
1 - The relationship level (the same way it works in UxL at the mo)
2 - Corruption level (new)

So you use relationship level to progress, but when you hit a certain number (depending on the scene trying to unlock) you hit a lock and can't gain any more relationship until you unlock the scene. (This is basically Angmir's idea) So once you reach 25 with mom for example, you need to unlock the HJ scene to be able to gain any more (the relationship "locks"). Then when you reach 50, you need to unlock the BJ scene etc, etc.

The idea is that each scene will have a "tier". So a HJ is tier 1, a BJ tier 2, TF tier 2, fucking tier 3, anal tier 4, anything above that will be tier 5. Certain things might be a higher tier, so as the teacher's Hj will be tier 2 or 3, because it's in the middle of class!

The locks will happen when a new tier level scene becomes available. Right now I'm imaging:

0-20: Tier 0 (no scenes)
21-40: Tier 1 (Mom Morning HJ, Nurse HJ)
41-60: Tier 2 (Mom Night BJ/TF, Sis Undedesk BJ, Nurse TF)
61-80: Tier 3 (Mom Night Fuck, Teacher in class HJ, Teacher afterschool BJ)
81-100: Tier 4 (Sis Anal fuck, Teacher in class BJ, teacher afterschool fuck)
101+: Tier 5 (Teacher gangbang for example)

Corruption (instead of relationship level, or maybe both) is gained every time you do a scene. The corruption gained is equal to 1 + Tier level. The point of corruption will be to control the dialogue. So an NPC with corruption 5, will save something different from an NPC with corruption 50. This will make repeating scenes rewarding for the player as new dialogue becomes available through repeating actions. But it's not as restrictive as the new version of AZL.

The numbers above are just examples. (Though I like it being on a scale of 0-100, then 100+ being the super crazy level)

The reason I want to get this nailed down now is because of how disastrous a re-write of the relationship system was in AZL. Basically once it's been decided it's going to stay that way ^^.