Friday, 28 October 2016

I'm back!

Hey all! I'm back from my work trip and overall it's been a good experience.

I want to start by saying at this point, it's 99% likely I WON'T be made redundant!

Which is great and fantastic news, and I can now carry on with my work as intended. Speaking of which...

I've got 2 full free days to work on my two projects (AZL 0.4 and the Urban Demons demo/teaser) until the 4th November (as I've said before I've suddenly become stupidly busy for a bit).

My plan is to finish off the AZL 0.4 build tonight, so it's ready for the 4th November for 10+ patrons. Then 1 week later for 5+ patrons and then free to the public a week after that.

Then work all day Sunday and part of Monday to try and get an Urban Demons demo/teaser up for 10+ patrons this Monday (31st). (Which will be released to $5+ patrons a week later, and then made public 2 weeks later.)

My scheduling hasn't been great this month, which I admit to, but I hope you all (or most of you) can understand the reasons why. Things might get a little hectic (as expected due to the run-up to Christmas) with friends and family demanding more attention and of course... presents shopping (ugh!) But I'll still aim for the new normal format of AZL 0.5 live for 2nd December (for 10+ patrons) along with the first official build (0.1) for Urban Demons going live then too!

One thing I also want to say is that, I'm always happy to hear (constructive) criticism of the games/ artwork/ project management, and if I have a different view point to yours, I'll try to explain myself in a reasonable manner. But what I'm not going to have on this blog is a slagging match between people. We shouldn't have to devolve into name spewing in order to get our points across. We are here as a community, to have some awesome H-Games to play (or in my case build), and that should be it. If comments end up going down the pointless devolution of name calling, then they will simply be removed as they are not worth my time to read/respond to (which is obviously limited.)

Hope you are all doing well anyway! I'm going to try and catch up on comments/emails/messages/patron and the like now ^^

- Nergal