Sunday, 23 October 2016

Animations are hard...

Hey all!

This is just a minor update to say I spent most of yesterday working on animations for AZL and I got through a grand total of 4. Honestly it's a very time consuming process, considering I'm not very good at it. At the moment I'm very tempted to hire someone to pick it up for me to save me some extra time to focus on the actual game. So if you know anyone who'd be interested, let me know!

I've calculated and I've got 4 spare evenings left until the release date for 0.4 for patrons on the 4th (that's a lot of 4s...), plus a few cheeky hours here and there. I've apparently become very busy for the next 2 weeks, but ultimately it shouldn't take away from the point of 0.4 which is bug fixing and new scenes.

Honestly I'm a bit disappointed Urban Demons isn't a very good deliverable state right now, but I'll still try and get something delivered for patreons before the month is out.

Also I'd like to apologise again I haven't been on top of comments as I normally have been. Given the circumstances I hope you can all understand why.

On that note actually, there has been a lot of doom and gloom going around it seems, people misunderstanding what I wrote last time:

I have NOT been fired.

I MAY be getting made redundant. At this point it's unclear. But either way, my work on AZL will not stop or even slow, Urban Demons is unlikely to stop or slow as well. The only thing that *may* be affected is The Solarion Project - and that would only be for a month or 2 at max as I look for for another job. Honestly it's not doom & gloom, it's just a slight bump in the road for possibly The Solarion Project (but that's always been the case with that project! Hah!)

Anyway I hope that clears things up a bit.

Hope you are all well!

- Nergal