Sunday, 9 October 2016

A Zombie's Life 0.3.3 now live!

Hey all, just to let you know the 0.3.3 version of A Zombie's Life is now live!

And you can find it here.

However can I request that you PLEASE read the changelog before playing. There has been a major update to the relationship system from 0.2.4, and all relationships have been reset to 0 (or slightly higher in some cases - Aunt/Isabelle). (Those who have played the 0.3.2 version don't worry, this won't occur again.)

So what's next?

So as already said before 0.4 for AZL is going to be a bug fix and improvement build only (as well as adding all the major scenes ScarlettAnn is going to get done.) This is to grant me more time on my 2 other projects, Urban Demons and The Solarion Project. The build is scheduled for $10+ patrons on the 4th November (Friday) with a 2 weeks delay for the public release.

The Solarion Project demo isn't likely going to be out this year, due to delays in artwork, but in all honesty it's a welcome delay as I begin to work upon the new project in Unity. I'm sorry for those who were looking forward to this, but in all honesty, it will make for a much better game than just another rpg maker game.

Urban Demons is going well and it's the thing I'm enjoying the most to work on at the mo. I've got the major story lines and ways to unlock the scenes all planned out as well as some side stuff. I've been working on the "Otherworld" maps too briefly and already begun incorporating some of my many mini games. (Because I've ditched The Solarion Project from rpg maker, I'm using some I designed from there.)

I'm hoping to release a playable demo to $10+ patrons this month or next, but I'll make an announcement closer to the time so don't take the risk to invest (if you haven't already.) But either way this won't be the official 0.1 build, just a smaller demo to show how far I've got so far! :)

Hope you guys enjoy the 0.3.3 build of A Zombie's Life, and we'll speak again soon!

- Nergal

(Also I've posted below an example of a background that has been delivered so far The Solarion Project. I love the art style!)