Friday, 7 October 2016

0.3.3 Will be live Monday!

Hey all!

Just a short update to say the public build (0.3.3) will be going live as planned on Monday. I've had a crappy demanding week from work so I haven't been in the mood to do as much as I would have liked (nor had as much time.) But there will be still be a bit of additional content as planned.

As already mentioned 0.4 is going to be a stabilastion/ bug fixing build (with obviously additional scenes being added in). So don't expect to see any story progression or new places in this build. 0.4 is scheduled to launch on the 5th Novemeber for patreons and the 19th November for the public release. (Noticed how it's moved to Saturday!)

I've also planned out the story for Urban Demons. I've added the idea of abilities/skills for the characters (though this was present in the original) and I know how they will interact with getting the scenes/ the story.

Thanks again!
 - Nergal