Friday, 30 September 2016

Update! - Urban Demons & A Zombie's Life 0.3.X

Hey all! Hope you are all well. Sorry it's been a while since an update just working hard on the latest Zombie's Life release ^^

A Zombie's Life

As planned the public build will go live on the 10th of October. And it will feature extra content than what has been released for patreons (0.3.2). So even if you are a patreon (or have a leaked copy, you scoundrel!) then it will still be worth downloading, unless of course you have no love for Isabelle? :(

I'm going to be honest, I'm not very hyped for a Zombie's Life at the moment. I kind of want to focus on my other projects, but I know that I must still work on it.

So to create a compromise of sorts, 0.4 will be only a bug fix & improvement build (as well as adding in the new scenes ScarlettAnn creates, of course!) I will be working on improving some of the aspects that aren't clear in the game (like how are you supposed to know you need to stay awake, then go to the meal to get the first scene from sis?)

It's hard though, because the idea of the MC in A Zombie's Life, is he is meant to be a nice kid, with a sense of realism. So he isn't purposefully going out looking for the scenes, so giving hints seem... out of character, I guess? I'm trying to come up with ways to highlight this (all suggestions are welcome of course!) Where as getting scenes ready for Peio, is real easy because his whole character is based around sex!

Urban Demons

I've been really enjoying working on this project, with what time I have. It's a much simpler experience in comparison to AZL. Coding is much easier (because the game mechanics are simpler) and I have actually done various sprite and map design, which wasn't present in AZL. I'm coming up with ideas with how I will handle relationship progression.

The idea is to open this up to you guys: how would you expect relationship progression to be handled in Urban Demons? Something like UxL where you grind points, and repeat scenes until it unlocks a new one? Something like AZL where you have to follow a flow (though this is a new change in 0.3)? Or something new all together?

One idea I had was instead of a flow, maybe a  check list? E.g. you have to compliment mom at the meal once, peek on her at the shower, hug her when you wake up. Things like that. And each scene requires a certain number of checks on the check list to be ticked. (Hope that makes sense.)

Anyway I know before I mentioned about art. But I will re-iterate here. JayMarvel's art will no longer be featured (prominently) in game. Let me explain:

Firstly, I was well aware of JayMarvel's limited time working on the project and asked him to do the busts. I thought finding an artist who could match his style, do animations, was ok with doing SS, would be easy to find And typing that out now I realise how ridiculous it sounds already.

So this is by no way JayMarvel's fault (even in the slightest, it's all on me!) But the fault was at my own cost, I didn't waste patreon money or anything like that. It was a costly mistake, but a mistake I've learned from.

As for AnythingGoes, things simply didn't work out with us. He wasn't willing to do SS, (I thought I could make it work.) He seemed unenthusiastic  about the project, and had a 3 week delivery for one animation. (He's a very busy guy, which is understandable considering how great his regular work is. Again, it just simply didn't work out.

So now I have found a new artist, who yes, does have a very different style. However, she does do SS, she does great animations and she was originally one of the people I had flagged to pick up the project from the very start.

In case it wasn't obvious, my new artist on the project is GlassFish.

I've been having quite a lot of talks with her and she seems very enthusiastic for the project, and has been communicating brilliantly. I know she probably won't be to everyone one's taste, but as I said before, when I first looked at picking up this project (all those months ago now) she was one of the first people I contacted, because I thought her style would be a perfect fit for UxL.

Maybe some people won't be happy with the choice, I'm not sure. The point is (selfishly) I am very happy with it, I guess the point is, at the end of the day, the investment is mine to make (I'm the one commissioning her for the art after all) so I want to be happy with the art too. If you aren't happy with this, then I do apologise now, but this is the final decision on the matter, there will be no requests or votes for this. If you decide to not continue your support for this project, then that's fine no hard feelings. I hope you continue to enjoy my other projects though. :)

Anyway, I hope you are all well. I'm hoping to update more regularly again now that 0.3 is pretty much complete.

Thanks again for all your support in any form, be it patron, bug notifying or suggestion giving. All of it is greatly appreciated!

- Nergal