Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Time Off and bug fixing

Hey all! I took a bit of time to myself after releasing 0.2.3, not checking the blog/emails etc and I worked on Urban Demons for a few hours getting some more map work done. But thought I'd give a slight post to acknowledge that I've received A LOT of comments/ emails etc.

On that note I have received A LOT of emails in my "work" email. (Work meaning for these projects.) I'm not going to be able to respond to them all, so sorry if I don't reply. And as a note, if you're emailing asking me how to do something in the game, it seems we have the makings of a really great community here, so please try the blog first before emailing me :) I'm sure lots of people are willing to help you.

It seems there is a bug at the moment that people can't reach the sister's garden final scene. Also more people seem to not be able to run up the game (though I think this is due and part because of the amount of people playing the game has increased.)

I haven't got any closer to discovering what the cause of that problem is, but I am still looking into it. But generally if you have an error that popups and says"xyz file cannot be found" then a restart of your computer will generally sort out the issue. However it has been reported in some cases that even this doesn't fix the issue.

Additionally there appears to be a lot of confusion about to how unlock certain scenes in the game, how to progress in the labs and some inherit issues with the scavenge system rewarding certain items. I will be addressing these issues in the 0.3 build. My plan is to create a small walk through, showing the requirements of each scene, as well as a diagram showing the odds of different items that can be found at different places.

And if you aren't sure if a scene is in the game please just check the help.text file, it has a list of all available scenes in the game.

Anyway, I will be cracking on with this project a bit more this week before fully going at it next week.

Hope you guys have enjoyed what I've delivered so far and I look forward to to delivering 0.3 to you all too!
- Nergal