Wednesday, 14 September 2016

The Solarion Project - A revelation and CHEATS!?

So, if anyone has been keeping tabs on my trello (specifically for the Solarion Project) You might have seen tickets beginning with "Rework". Basically this was me trying to re-create the game in a fresh project, while keeping all maps and events the same, but changing the common events, scripts and variables/switches and ordering them properly.

Basically this has turned in a monstrous task and I've realised how badly my first attempt at game making was (remember the Solarion Project was technically my first game, I was just waiting for art for a long time as I continued to expand on it.) So I've decided, to completely start again. And drastically at that. I'm going to recreate the game in Unity, and make it more of like a dating sim in some regards. But with a lot more functionality. The way you move around, interact with the crew, etc will all behave like a dating sim.

However I want to add a lot of functionality on top of that, specifically creating a Mass Effect style map system (where you move the ship from system to system) and create an actual game play element in the form missions, where you can move the characters around on a map and plan a mission based on the individual crew's  strengths and weaknesses.

A benefit of using unit is I can show off the artwork at 1920x1080 rather than the tiny rpg maker screen (I know there are scripts for rpg maker to allow this however.) But honestly I don't want to be known as just a "rpg maker dev." I want to try many different systems. With Urban Demons and Zombie's Life both being on rpg maker, I felt like the Solarion Project (considering there wasn't/isn't a lot of hype around it) would be a great place to try something new.

I've got a few ideas for my next project (after one of those has been completed), a fantasy game/ a card game/ a pokemon style parody game. And I'd like to have my options expanded beyond rpg maker. Also (eventually) I want to try out non-adult games (or "games", I guess), but we'll see. Though this will be on a different persona, and nor will it take away from my Nergal's Nests work  :)

Anyway, ChrisArmin will be starting work on the animations mid/end October after he has finished his other work, so I'm aiming for a demo release (just show casing some of the game's elements and mechanics) at the end of November, with a proper first build ready by the end of December as a sort of Christmas present.

Also did someone say CHEATS!?

Yes. I was thinking of adding cheats to A Zombie's Life. Or a simple "Easy Mode." I know quite a few people complain about how difficult it is or how grindy of a game it is.

Let me just break down what each one would mean:

Cheats - you input a code, or do some random action, and suddenly you gain max everything. (All resources, bullets and batteries become 99.)

Easy Mode - You no longer have to collect food (Mom's gardening is super OP) and the water never turns off. (Shut up Abby.) Your torch never uses up battery. You start a new game with more points to spend for stats. That kind of thing.

And now because I've rambled so much, I give you The Solarion Project, swimsuit edition (click to expand):

Leave all your thoughts in the comments below as usual ^^