Tuesday, 20 September 2016

New Mini Game - a Community decision

Hey all!


So with the patreon release date quickly approaching, one of my goals this build is to replace the mini game that is used to unlock a scene for the first time.

The reasons behind this are:
a) It's different from what I wanted to do:
 -What I originally wanted was a game that represented the character giving up on logic and reason and giving to lust/instinct. Originally the game featured you shooting the mother character's (representing logic/reason) and letting through zombie-fied versions of the mother sprite (representing lust/instinct). But it was changed at the last minute because I didn't think people would understand that, and it's been that way ever since.

b) It seems out of place:
 - The "high octane shooter" (lol) right before a scene unlock seems quite of place to me, and want to replace it with something slightly different and fitting

c) I want to re-use the shooter as a random house defence event (where the zombies are trying to break down the gate of your house

So with that in mind I present two new mini games:

I've set up a straw poll so you can then cast your vote on which you prefer (if any.) And I'll use those results to determine what to do for the next build :)

Cheats/Easy Mode

So it seems quite a lot of discussion was brought up from my suggestion of cheats or easy mode version. I'm still debating about what to do with this, but something I want to do first is re-balance the game better. If a game requires you to use cheat engine because of it's difficulty, then it needs to be brought down. (If you use cheat engine to remove the grind, then you aren't really playing the game as intended so I'm not concerned with this area.) 

One thing I must note however is that there were 2 major bugs with searching that have now been fixed. Firstly the search chance was completely wrong, it wasn't taking into account a Player's perception properly and effectively made it so people generally had around a 20% search chance. Another thing is that the respawn code also had some issues in it, sometimes it would set the spawn time to 999 days (a stupid overwrite I did when I was originally coding it) which is why people were seeing that inconsistency with spawn times. 

Anyway, so one immediate change I've gone with is, lowering the respawn times of all search locations to 1 day.  With these changes and bug fixes I generally want to see how people feel about the difficulty of the game. 

I still want to add in an Easy Mode, where you gain extra stat points at the start and don't have to worry about finding food or water. But generally I think I might be moving away from cheats (I mean you have the cheat engine as an option anyway.) 

Urban Demons

I know a lot of people are probably wondering about this, but things are now progressing well. I've had to make a decision about the project that some people may not like (concerning art) but for now we have to move on. Just know it's back to progressing. I've got the majority of every day events for both main characters hooked up. I'm looking to release a demo that will be free for everyone at the start of November. 

Once the demo has been released, and feedback gained I can then start the usual monthly build cycles after that. Sorry for the endless delays with this project, but it is being worked on and thought about. (Not forgotten and/or abandoned.) 

A Zombie's Life Page is bugged

For some reason I can't load any of the comments on the A Zombie's Life page of this blog. (I think we must have gone over a threshold or something) I'll look into it and see what I can do, but the bug is on blogger's end I guess.

And now because I've blabbered on enough. I bring you 6 lovely temp waitresses!
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