Thursday, 8 September 2016

Fixing a major issue - 0.2.4

Hey all! So I will be releasing a 0.2.4 build this week which will fix a few issues, one of which will be the fact that sister's 3rd garden scene is bug. That's my bad for a last minute change of the way the event was hooked up.

The other thing that you will see in this build is the new UI! It will be a permanent bar across the top showing: your health, your bullets, your flashlight level (on/ off), batteries, and all your stock of inventory at home.

I just need to do some bug testing on it to make sure it hides at the correct times (during the different scenes.)

One thing I want to mention too, is that after a lot of feedback I'm not going forward with the plans to add DRM to the game. I realised that's not who I am really, I just want to make a fun game for as many people to enjoy as possible and I'm hoping I'm correct in my assumption that people choose to support me because they want to help me, not because they want early access to a build.

I think the main trigger for this was annoyance at the fact that people who hadn't pledged came onto my patreon asking certain things about the game, drowning out the comments from actual patrons. I think my response to that was poorly handled and the comments from various patrons have helped shown that.

To further prove this point, I'm removing my encryption tool from the project, which has shown to cause quite a few issues for quite a few people. In the next build you will be able to run the program like any other rpg maker game. (And yes you will be able to decrypt it just as easily.)

Anyway, here is a screen shot of the newest UI! (Click to expand)