Sunday, 4 September 2016

A Zombie's Life 0.2.3!

Hey all! I'm happy to announce the newest public edition of A Zombie's Life (0.2.2) has been released and you can download it from here (a day early)!!hJhWHT5Y!IOEQJDWulH87sWgF_wHHp6gbmRZp2BwxhPFMiUZqOZA

There are a few important bug fixes from the 0.2.1 version so I'd recommend downloading it :)

I hope you all enjoy! Included within the game folder are patch notes to help you see what has been changed.

I've updated the trello board to show you what I will be working on in the next builds. The next public build (0.3) will be scheduled for the 10th October, with the patreon test version coming at 26th September. September is a shorter month, so there will be a smaller build (though still plenty of scenes!) while I also advance my other projects as much as possible.

The way I'm going to work the patreon and public builds in the future is there will be a 2 week delay from the patreon test build (so I have time to fix all the bugs found) to the public release. The public release will always include a few extras as well as the bug fixes as I've always got ScarlettAnn working on artwork :)

Also, it came to my attention that my patreon build got leaked very quickly! Which I sort of take as a compliment I guess haha. However I've taken counter measures to ensure that even when leaked it won't be usable by anyone accept patreons. (It's the internet, so I'm in no way surprised xD) Any patreon who leaks the game will be banned in the future, it's meant to be a reward after all. :)