Friday, 9 September 2016

0.2.4 build live & mini celebration

Hey guys, I've worked a bit this week getting a fix for the sister's 3rd garden scene. Within that time I've also done the following:

 - Added a new UI for HP/bullets etc (the numbers currently display the inventory at home. But in the next version will be toggle-able to show home inventory or current inventory)
- Changed many of the search values and chances of finding different items (see below for full % chance)
 - Removed the encrypter tool, which means it should work as any other rpg maker game

You can download 0.2.4 here.

So as planned, the next build (0.3) will be released publicly on the 10th October, where as a patreon test version will be released 26th September.

Anyway I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for their support! I really appreciate all the comments, messages and general support you guys give (even if I can't keep up with it at times!) We've almost hit half a million page views, $1.5k pledges on patron and that's only after 2 builds!

I'm looking forward to providing you all with much more content from my different projects in the future :)

So yeah! Thank you!!!!