Thursday, 18 August 2016

(Under)wear have you have been!?

Hey guys, sorry it's been a while since I last updated anything. Nothing to worry about though, it's just because I've been working hard on progressing my games (getting A Zombie's Life 0.2 ready mainly) and there hasn't been many updates in terms of artwork. So I tohught I'd do a general update for each of my games.Starting with...

The Solarion Project

Witchking00 ( has delivered the artwork for all the alternative costumes of the characters (5 in total for each character), and he' done an amazing job! Here is just an example of that, with their Underwear alternative costume. (They aren't as sexy as some of the other ones, that's reserved as a gift for patrons ;))

Also as a note I've managed to get an animator for The Solarion Project. He will be starting work in about a month's time, so unfortunately I wouldn't expect a build until a month after that (alas so many delays on this Project, but hopefully it will be worth it) You can find ChrisArmin's work here:

Here is a link to a rough animation he has done involving the main character and Kittenna, just as a test to see if his art style would gel well with what we already have (Spoiler: He's a fucking god.)

A Zombie's Life

As stated elsewhere a tester build is going live 29th August for patrons and then a public build following a week later. After a brief delay ScarlettAnn is working hard again on getting as many scenes as possible done for the build. 

So far I've received so far: The bust work for the Aunt, a general dinner scene, and two scenes with the sister. I'm hoping to get a few more scenes involving the sister and maybe a scene with the Aunt in for the next build :) If you don't mind a spoiler, here is one of the kiss artwork with the sister:

Expect some progression with the story, but I've also made quite a lot of fundamental changes (after receiving your feedback). One of which is search speed. Your Agility now directly effects how quickly you search. (2.5 seconds with Agility 1 - 0.5 seconds with Agility 5.) Either way it's still a shorter search time than the original of 3 seconds. 

Urban Demons (UxL clone)

Unfortunately this has been stalled slightly with animations. My animator AnythingGoes has said he has been quite busy recently and lacking in communication, which is unfortunate. I don't plan to go live with a build until I have a nice amount of animations in the game (I was going to shoot for around 6) which means at this rate we may not be seeing an Urban Demons release for a while yet. 

It's a shame really because JayMarvel ( did such a fantastic job with the bust artwork and I was really excited because it all seemed to be coming together. I've still progressed making the game and the different daily events. Basically what I want to do is create the game so you can pass days by normally as either character. Then put the storyline on top of that. 

Either way, sorry about the delay on this project (I'm open to suggestions on how and even if, I need to handle this), but I hope my other projects will be more than enough to make up for the delay.

Thanks again for all your support and comments and everything ^^ Glad to see there is such a good vibe around my projects! Remember always feel free to leave comments and suggestions!