Friday, 5 August 2016

Showing off time!

Hey all!

I have a few updates for you. Welcome the next character in a Zombie's Life: Aunt Alex! Remember all work is drawn by ScarlettAnn (, she also has a patreon if you fancied helping her out ;)

Next we have the draft work for the final 3 (for now) characters of the UxL clone, Nanna, Diana and Victor ^^. JayMarvel ( once again doing some fantastic work in my opinion! Capturing the original essence of the characters but putting his own awesome style on top of it ^^ 

Also here are some draft works for the Solarion project of the alternative costumes that will be available :) All art here done by Witchking00 (

Also as a note I'll be offline for the next couple of days ^^ But don't worry I'll definitely be back! 

As a note you can watch my progress on various projects here: