Wednesday, 27 July 2016

UxL Animations

Most people realise this, but for those who aren't aware. Jay Marvel will only be doing the bust work for the UxL Clone, which means I am looking for an animator.

I have got an animator AnythingGoes (, who is working on a version of the Mom TF midnight scene. Here is a WIP of that scene (Still requires shading):

However I have also been contacted by one of the old artists of the original UxL. MTXXXARTIST ( who did the animations of Ms Jamming and the first Nessa BJ.

I'm not sure if this old style fits the work that JayMarvel has done now to be honest. But I have received a bit of criticism about AnythingGoes' work. So I'm not sure.

This isn't a vote per se, I just want to gauge people's opinions. So new style (AnythingGoes), old style (MTXXXARTIST) or something different?