Friday, 1 July 2016

Massive thank you to patrons + update for projects

Hey all, just wanted to start by giving a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who has pledged so far. It makes me so happy to see people putting faith and support into my projects already :)

So the zombie project, which now has a name: "A Zombie's Life", is going well. ScarlettAnn has proven herself to be fantastic, in both the quality and speed in which she delivers work. So there will be a few H scenes ready for the first build (5 in total if all art gets delivered on time - which she has done well in doing so far.)

The game development itself is also going really well. All the core mechanics for the first build are complete, the majority of the maps have done. The daily base camp cycle of the first 2 NPCs have been done too. I've created teasers for future NPCs too (you will see them on maps etc, but won't be able to reach them until they become available.)

All that is left, is creating more events. This is where I want the game to shine, by creating interesting things that happens at various points in the game, at various times. Giving the player choices that impacts the game, is my key idea here. Hopefully I can pull it off successfully!

Anyway, roll on 18th for the first build of A Zombie's Life! (Or 11th for the test build for $20+ patrons! ^^)

The Solarion Project, has hit a slight wall (again). Gmeen who I was very hopeful would pick up the animation work, unfortunately declined. I've contacted Orange-peel ( on Tuesday, but he hasn't got back to me.

So I'm looking for an animator, if you know any leave in the comments below. I am willing to pay well above their usual commission rates, as I think that will help me secure them easier. However, the animator must be the person who also creates the artwork (i.e. no one who animates still images.) If you know anyone like that, leave it in the comments below!

Anyway, now Urban X Life Clone - development has slowed as I've been working on the other two projects. I'm still waiting for Glassfish to get back to me, I think she is very busy and thus has less time to respond to emails. I do want to clarify a few things with her first though (such as penis size, animations etc) just to make sure she can deliver what is to be expected.

I've got the core scripts in place, as well as main common events. All of the Central District maps, as it was known in UxL has also been created. Though none of the map events have been hooked up yet, but that's an easier part. I've discovered map design is the most time consuming and most tedious part of making any of my projects!

Any a question for the UxL clone: How important is Nessa's side being included to you? Would you prefer her to just be another NPC for Peio to interact with? Or would you prefer her to still be a main character, that you can switch between? Let me know in the comments below ^^

(P.S Sorry this is a long update, now back to work!)