Sunday, 31 July 2016

Franck, Dounie and Karen are here ^^

Hey guys, just wanted to show off jay-marvel's latest work ( with the next 3 characters for the UxL clone, Franck, Dounie and Karen. :)

I'm starting work on the next Zombie's Life build as of tomorrow, and in the interim I've made some solid progress on the UxL clone as well as a bit of work on the Solarion Project (because animations will be worked on soon!!!)

As a note, I just wanted to say I am NOT supporting the old UxL (I won't be adding any more content, fixing bugs or anything of the sort, and I probably won't respond to questions on the game - I want to remain focused!)

Sorry if my replies are short and in-between these days, I do get quite a few comments every day and it's hard to keep track of them all ^^

I've decided a couple things over this weekend. Firstly Zombie's Life is going to be a shorter project than I initially planned. I'm cutting some of the original NPCs I had planned and I'm planning on wrapping it all up within 5 or so builds. I realised I wanted my main focus to be this UxL clone and The Solarion Project (which even though is unreleased has had a LOT of work gone into it.)

Don't worry though, I don't plan to leave the game in an unfinished state! It will be finished before I stop working on it, with at least 5 NPCs, and extra locations and the storyline completed. But it definitely won't be a large game (at least in comparison to how large The Solarion Project and UxL clone will be.)

Also one last thing I came up with 2 possible names for the UxL clone: "Demonkin" or "Urban Demons." Let me know what you think about (all of) this in the comments below as usual ^^

 - Nergal