Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Animation Artists

Hey guys, I've actually had quite a response from artists for the animation side of things! I've ruled out a few people already, due to price or overall style.

So far I have bewbchan (http://bewbchan.tumblr.com/) who is whipping up a sketch for a Solarion Project scene, just to make sure his animation style is exactly what I'm looking for (from what I can tell he is not as experienced with animation as others.)

I've also got an ok from orange-peel (http://orange-peelart.tumblr.com/), whom I'm thinking I may use for for the animations for the UxL clone, as he can seem to replicate certain art styles. You'll be blasted with furry stuff straight away, but his non-furry stuff is (also) really good! (http://img1.thatpervert.com/pics/post/r34-gif-r34--Princess-Peach-3089017.gifhttp://img2.thatpervert.com/pics/post/orange-peel-artist-darkstalkers-games-3019660.gif) And I will definitely be commissioning him in the future to work on my pokemon parody game ^^

So with the proposal it would be something like:
The Solarion Project - Witchking00 (Busts), Bewbchan (Animation)
UxL Clone - Jay-Marvel (Busts), Orange-peel (Animation)
A Zombie's Life - ScarlettAnn (Busts/Scenes)

Luckily I have a lot of funds saved for this, so I can get a lot of artwork done for all 3 projects. As the weeks go on however, I'll probably slow down on my development for A Zombie's Life and turn my focus a bit towards the UxL clone. I want to make some good progress on that (especially if artwork is being done for that!)

As I said before The Solarion Project's first part is around ~80% done (not including artwork.) So once I get all the scenes I need for that, I will focus on releasing the first build of that ^^ (Super exciting!)

Just a reminder on builds:

A Zombie's Life: First Test build (Confirmed $20+ patreons): 11th July, First Public Build: 18th July
The Solarion Project: Really dependent on how quickly artwork gets delivered. I may do a preliminary build once I get a few scenes ^^
UxL Clone: Yet to be announced, I'd say realistically it's going to be at least 4 weeks, but probably closer to 6, and even then it won't be in a state that was close to the original (as many characters/ scenes for example.)

Thanks again for all your support, just words of encouragement mean an awful lot and I really can't wait for the first builds of each project to go live for you to enjoy! And as always leave your thoughts below :)