Wednesday, 20 July 2016

A Zombie's Life 0.1.4 Live & The Solarion Project 4th character!

Hey all!

Just to let you know I've done a load of bug fixing for A Zombie's Life which you can download here:!oEokFZoB!54G9h927bq2pVUUj7clob8QFS0Qpxxd8TdaKqhEVk1k

Note on Unable to Find Audio file bug after logo has loaded:L

I experienced this today myself, after packaging the build. I got around it by opening up task manager and ending the "Trusted Installer" process. Let me know if this also works for you!


There should only be one issue with old saved games: if you saved the game after you had given someone alcohol but before you slept in bed, you'll have to re-give them alcohol as a new variable is controlling who has been given alcohol, I've caught it so it doesn't cause the game to get stuck anymore, but you'll have wasted the alcohol. Sorry for any inconvenience :)

Bug Fix List:
Major Changes:

  • Search timer is now completely removed, time advances upon re-entering base camp,this fixes quite a few issues (but wasn't the main reason it was removed)
  • Can't reload batteries unless below 50% battery life (so accidently pressing reload isn't as bad now!)
  • Fixed bug when taking items with full carrying capacity
  • Giving items to NPCs now gives relationship points (not incuding Talk value)
  • Water no longer drains until the water off event happens
  • Fixed the night events to start off on the slowest setting first (MOm was obviously too keen to get to the good stuff)
  • Giving correct item, cures correct state (medicine sickness, injury, food hunger etc)
  • Medicine now heals 1 HP, as well as sleeping at night (Was originally 1% HP, woops!)
  • Player now has starting food  (5)
  • Player can now store alcohol with food and water (and can retrieve them too)
  • Bathing with mom no longer nets you +35 relationship points (it's not that easy!)
  • Crafting at the craft table now advances the day (it was meant to before, but didn't)

Minor Changes:

  • Location no longer counts as searched if carrying capacity is full
  • Bathe option now "???" until you can achieve it
  • Police Station invisible bug fixed
  • Bathing with mom now advances time
  • Correct head appears in bed (As fun as the idea of 2 moms is ;) )
  • Isabelle now only gives 1 keycard and you cannot use it on yourself
  • mrs Perez now has the correct move events so she doesn't cause a game crash (naughty woman!)
  • Cannot bathe with mom or have meal if you do not have enough food or water
  • Player now address correct person when gifting to Sister ;)

There are other things that have changed that I probably forgot fixing and made a note of (hah, sorry!)

And here is the fourth character for the Solarion Project, the young peppy engineer, Shelly! I'm waiting on 2 more character busts, and a load of extra clothing options and then the bustwork for the Solarion Project will be done, then just need the animations from Bewbchan :)