Sunday, 17 July 2016

3rd Character for The Solarion Project + a note on A Zombie's Life First Public Release

Hey all, excited to say I've received the 3rd character from Witchking00: Dr Rytia, the ship's medic!

Also just wanted to say that the first public build for A Zombie's Life WILL be happening tomorrow (this is a guarantee!). I haven't got a set time in mind, but I will most likely upload it towards the end of today and release the link tomorrow morning. :) Hope it's something you all enjoy, as a note now there will be release notes contained with the game, so read them to get hints as well as what is unlockable in the game. Unfortunately Scarlett was on vacation this week, so she didn't get a chance to finish off the first scene with the sister character.

Dr Rytia - The Solarion Project (click to expand)