Sunday, 12 June 2016

Zombie Project - Core mechanics done!

Busy weekend! But I finally finished the core mechanics of the zombie project.

This includes the following:

  • Player STATS, along with the mechanics behind each stat (including interface)
    • Strength (carrying capacity)
    • Toughness (HP)
    • Agility (shooting accuracy)
    • Talk (modifier on all relationship increases)
    • Sense (scavenging accuracy)
  • Item Weight/ Popup/ Crafting
  • Scavenging (this was actually quite complicated and is completely custom made!)
  • Shooting on map mechanics (including graphic display, rounds in chamber etc)
  • Flashlight mechanics (including graphic display, battery drain, flicker etc)
  • Time of day system (implemented and modified to suit needs)
  • Climate System (it will rain alot ;) )
  • Romance/ Affinity System (several custom methods, making it easier to use)
  • Zombie Attacking/ Zombie getting hit/ spawning mechanics 
  • Base camp mechanics (food/ medicine usage/ characters getting sick + graphic display)
  • Break Resistance mini game (similar idea to the influence mechanic in urban x life, but instead it's a fun short arcade shooter.)
  • Created custom menu options + implemented window skin + title screen WIP
  • Also added a bit of work towards "Easy Mode"
    • Easy mode gives your points to spend on your stats at the start
    • It also allows you to jump over small barricades, and squeeze through crashed cars)
    • You'll also experience less zombie spawns :) 
Now it's on to the map design, which honestly shouldn't take as long now that all the scripts are in place :) With the final task being the beginnings of the story and NPC interactions. 

I'm a bit unsure of the actual daily routine, I feel like you might be able to explore half the city in one or two game days, which doesn't feel right to me... :P The game time is "real time" so a clock is always ticking, which could make the game more intense should you run low on food and other items.  But not sure how well it fits overall. I like how this is handled in This War of Mine, as you get a limited to scavenge at night, but then you control multiple characters and have many things to do during the day, which isn't the case in this game.

Basically I'm going to have a think, and the core day/night cycle mechanics might change...

Anyway here are some screen shots of some things in action!
Just a WIP game title :)

This is the opening where STATS are defined. Works very similiar to Fallout 3 where you have points to allocate to different attributes.

Customised Menu (Ignore the Player portrait, that's just a placeholder to test the menu)

Flashlight in action! (Although now I realised it's hard to tell because the street lights overlay with the flashlight zone xD)

Here's the UI in the daylight, including the gun!

Scavenging the school at night... maybe a bad idea.

Base Camp graphical display

Finally the Break Resistance mini game. Shoot the zombies, but not the NPC's resistance you are trying to break! This will then let you unlock the H scene :D 

Let me know what you think in the comments guys. ^^ Do bear in mind though that this is just core mechanics, the different graphical displays will probably get touched up more as the project continues. :)