Friday, 24 June 2016


Hey all! Thanks for voting, the results are as below:

I was quite a bit surprised, because many people in the comments were saying they would prefer someone else, but the vote count seems a little against that... I am aware these polls are open to abuse (proxies and session clearing etc can easily force a sway.)

I've been in contact with Jay-Marvel ( and he said he is willing to do it (up until August anyway), but I'm just double checking he is happy to del with the art requirements. (I've asked on size of the male character - that also includes drawing smaller than he normally does for male characters!)

I'm going to try one more poll, but with a difference. This time leave a comment below answering the question: "Would you prefer ScarlettAnn, Ulla, Jay-Marvel or someone else to do the artwork for Urban x Life clone?" Only non-anonymous accounts will be counted. Comments are less likely open to abuse (as it actually takes effort to register an account.)

If you pick someone else, specify who - but double check they aren't in the list below. Also if you vote for Jay-Marvel, please pick a second vote (in brackets) just in case that it doesn't pan out with him.

I have contacted the following people and either gotten no response or that person doesn't do the required art genres, or I'm not a fan of their art. (Contingency, Glassfishbowl,Witchking00,  Rhemora, lmsketch, NatedCaulk, Stickymon, Nilytson)

Sorry for all the sort of votes and such over things, I just want to make sure I do the right decision for you guys so that you will enjoy the game. :) The actual development for the game is going pretty well though! I also have 3 days off work next week which I am committing to my various projects, so an update isn't too far away! :)

Examples of the 3 artists mentioned work:

Jay Marvel