Saturday, 4 June 2016

Urban x life info and artist update

So, it seems I had a flood of traffic recently to do with my urban x life small update. I feel like I need to  post about it and make it clear my intentions. I've tl;dr because it got pretty lengthy for those who do not want to read. :)

Firstly, I love this game. This game inspired me to start my own projects and try get something similar done. The only problem is I'm a terrible artist, so I've been looking for artists to commission the work for my projects.

Now I don't think urban x life can operate any differently.  I'm not a great artist, (but I can do some really decent trace work, but that's a different matter). Anyway I've been in talks with a few commission artists, for my other projects, but instead I could put one of them toward urban x life..

There are 2 problems that arise when it comes to this however. Urban x life is not my property, I think the occasional fan update, bug fix, and tweaks are fine. But picking up this project could mean at any moment wootch could come back and say "hey stop using my game" and I would have to stop there and then.

The second problem is, I've taken a look at the game code, different scripts and the way he has put the game together is a real fucking mess. (As a full time developer I can say this with confidence haha :p)  if I were to pick this full time i would be very tempted to start again, but still use all of wootch original assets. Which could see a delay of a few months as I get it into the same state as it is right now, but under the new code. However the game should suffer from significantly less bugs like this.

Also I think people would have high expectations , which is definitely fair. I mean I am committed to a project when I start one.  But I am one guy, with a  full time job, a personal life and 2 other projects I'm working on. So the best I could ever do is one update a month,  plus any urgent big fix patches.

Anyway, I've left links to the different commission artists I'm considering. (The two are very different styles, but I like then both.) I'll probably use one for urban x life life and the other for my zombie project.


I'm thinking I may pick this up full time. But pretty sure I'll have to stop if wootch tells me to. Also I would like to rewrite the code if I did (though still keeping the original assets). I also won't be able to update more than once a month I doubt.

Let me know what you think.


(I've put up a poll for whose art you'd like to see in the game. One thing to note Glassfish is pretty busy until July, where as ScarlettAnn is free now, I also think ScarlettAnn is more unboard with a long term project, where as I'm still waiting to hear back properly from GlassFishBowl)


Oh, also one quick thing. I'm still having an issue with the artist on the solarion project. (Been a month with no second character delivered yet) so that project is definitely delayed until this gets resolved. I don't want to launch with out any H scenes, and he hasn't started working on them yet because the busts are still being made.