Monday, 6 June 2016

The solarion project - urban x life

Hey guys, it should be pretty obvious  by now, by the solarion project is on home indefinitely, until I sort out these artist issues, which really sucks because I've poured about 3-400 hours into that game already. I think this is going to become a side project now that I really hope to show you guys one day.

Now that leaves me with a lot of room for a main project. I've got many of my core mechanics down for the zombie project I'm working on. This game will feature a younger character and incest, but will have a different storyline and gameplay. It will feature some survival horror elements but mainly will be a base management game where you can craft (quite like, this war of mine, good game).

I also know many of you are here due to the urban x life small update I did as well what the future is with that.  To be honest, I'm not sure. I still have doubts in my mind about t and possibly worrying wootch may come back, which would result in wasted effort I guess. Also manoboota is working in his own expansion and apparently is going to be using a 2d artist now.

So I'm not sure where to commit my time, which is why I want the community to decide (because I'm happy to work on any if the choices listed below)

So with the above in mind I've opened another poll , but here are the choices summarised:

  • Focus on Urban x life (remaking code, and using new artist) 
  • Focus on an urban x life clone (keeping all the same story elements and gameplay mechanics, but will fundamentally be a new game)
  • Focus on your zombie project (see details below) and keep urban x life as a side project
  • Focus on your zombie project (as above ) and create an urban x life clone as a side project
  • Focus on your zombie project (as above ) and completely abandon urban x life

Zombie Project:
The zombie project I've got going is currently just referred to in my brain as "Zombie x Life" :P.

The basic story is that all adult males get killed by a virus, that turns women and young males into zombies. You play the young hero who with his mother and sister attempt to build and maintain a shelter. You can go out into the city scavenging equipment to survive and improve your shelter. You can also bump into young male and female NPCs who you can invite to your shelter (and you can form relationships with the female NPCs.)

The clock is constantly ticking, and you need to make sure you keep a good stock of food. But be careful more zombies come out at night! You can send people at your shelter out to do quests, but the young male zombies are known to infect women in a very special way. ;)

The idea is that the game will be constantly expanded adding new NPCs and events, as the bulk of the game play will be keeping and improving your settlement. Eventually after we get quite a few, NPCs will be able to die, either through sickness or being captured by zombies.


I'm going to keep the other poll running too  just because it will still be helpful.

Also scarlettann has sent me a draft that will be the mother of one of the projects above (after only 10 hours of agreeing the commission, wow!) and we've agreed on terms for her continual work too :)  so her work will be featured in one of the projects definitely..

Thanks for all our support and comments so far guys!