Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Decision - Birthday (present for you all!)

Hey guys! Sorry to keep beating a dead horse, but I've managed to come to a decision concerning Urban x Life. Me and Manobota are going to team up, and carry on developing urban x life :) I will be taking the development role for the project. I imagine it will be hosted on his blog as he picks up the artwork for it.

Anyway this means the main project I will be focusing on of my own will be my Zombie project (still need an official title!) And I'm really keen to get something to show you guys! Part 1 of The Solarion Project from a coding point of view it pretty much done, I'm just waiting for Witchking to deliver the artwork for all the scenes and character busts I need for it.

If no further delays occur, the Solarion Project first part should be ready to go for the 1st August (though I'll probably do a test build for those interested before hand that may be missing some artwork.)

As for the Zombie Project, it should be delivered much sooner, though only 2 NPCs (mom and sister) to start with and a couple scenes each. Assuming no delays on art we are looking at the 18th of July :)

I'm going to change the blog around a bit so that each game gets its own page instead of all these different ones.

Anyway as it's my birthday tomorrow I decided to give you guys a small present (I know it's not supposed to work that way! :P)

Here is ScarlettAnn's first draft of the "Mother" character that will now be featured in the zombie project. Check her out here: http://scarlettann1028.deviantart.com/

Here is the draft for the second character of the Solarion Project. The (married) milf Astroline (cat girl), Kittenna. Artwork by Witchking00: http://witchking00.tumblr.com/

I'm going to close the polls now as we've resolved the whole Urban x Life thing and it seems ScarlettAnn was more popular overall than glass fish (though I may still commission him in a future project!) 

Thanks for all your comments/votes/words of encouragement so far, I really appreciate it and I really want to deliver you something you will all enjoy :) You are all awesome!