Monday, 30 May 2016

Update - Looking for more artists

I've updated the Solarion Project page with some in game screen shots and artwork, so if you haven't seen it already check it out!

Unfortunately artwork has been delayed further, so I'm looking into alternative options at the moment. But it has meant that I've been working on other projects (including a small fan update for the abandoned urban x life, which can be found here:

I'm looking for more artists at the moment to work on other projects, so if you guys have any recommendations please post them below. I'm looking for an artist I can pay monthly to give me X commissions every month. (My real job easily covers this expense at the moment, and I'm willing to pay extra/more than usual)

I have an idea of starting a Pokemon parody game in the future, but that's just an idea for now. My main focuses are the Solarion Project and the so far untitled Zombie adult rpg.

Hoping the delay in art won't delay the July first build for the Solarion project, but we will see how we go!

Thanks all!

 - Nergal