Friday, 27 May 2016

Slight delay and second project

Unfortunately there has been a slight delay with The Solarion Project, although the delay is only in the acquisition of art (hence no updates.) Dev has continued on as normal, and I'm still looking to go live with the first build at the beginning of the month as planned. Looking forward to showing you many hours of work!

On a second note I recently started a side project, currently unnamed. It is set in a zombie apocalypse where all adult males became infected by a virus and died. Anyone else bitten turns into a zombie. You play the main character trying to build a shelter and find other survivors, you can work hard throughout the day scavenging, but be careful there are zombies around! And at night, even more come out.

Like the Solarion Project battles will not be a feature, your job is to avoid the zombies while collecting useful items for the shelter.

Also like the Solarion Project, I will be commissioning an artist for all the art. (If you know any who may be interested get them to contact me - I pay well!) So unsure yet as of style.

Just as a note though, The Solarion Project is my main project, and this will be work on the side. (Though that could change pending popularity), so don't expect the same regularity of updates.

Thanks for reading :)

- Nergal