Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Urban Demons 1.0 beta now released!

Hey all!

Just a note to say this is NOT the final version, but I think many of the bugs were caught in the alpha versions, so I think this will be pretty close!

A few things missing to be aware of before downloading:

  • Kaylee's Long Progression talk dialogue still needs to be added in
  • Donna's scene after the first dialogues still need to be added in
  • Characters "Sleep touch" power, only Brigette and Sydeny's are programmed in currently

There will be one more final build just doing some bug fixing and such that will come once people have had a chance to play with it a bit. Anyway while you're waiting for the download, here are some major changes!

    • Players can now progress to the end of the game!
    • The Underworld is now fully traversable! (There's quite a few areas)
    • There's 5 different endings (one very bad, one bad, three good - a different scene for each ending) 
    • The credits will roll, but you will return back to the game, able to continue and play on your save as normal
    • A new introduction has been added too
  • Kaylee's progression re-added to the game
    • Hope you like it!
  • Brigette X Sydney Threesome
    • You need them them both at level 4
    • Talk to Brigette at night to begin the story line
  • Sex Shop Investment added
    • Now on the map (bottom half)
    • Can invest into it, able to get lingerie for Brigette, Sydney, Mrs Jennings, Ms Amos, Neala and Kimberly
  • New homes for Ms Amos and Mrs Jennings storyline
    • You need to have completed the game and reached level 5 with them both
    • Talking to them (like long progression) will trigger the start of this
  • Major sound improvements
    • Lots of sound effects added back into the scenes that were missing before
  • X-Ray power added 
    • You activate it via the Q menu
    • Minor X-Ray shows underwear busts (for those that have it)
    • It also shows lingerie busts if you've bought them the outfit
    • Major X-Ray shows nude busts (you can pick which one you want to activate)
  • Lots of bug fixes 
    • Mainly focused around missing scenes and such

Monday, 7 October 2019

Urban Demons 1.0-beta - WEDNESDAY

Hey guys,

Very excited to announce that the beta build is looking like it will be ready for this coming Wednesday. I'd say late evening GMT (around 8 or 9pm GMT). There will be two notable things missing, Kaylee's daily dialogues and Donna's post-first time scene dialogues. They will be ready however for the final build, which will mark the end of Urban Demons and the end of Nergal's Nest.

As I said before a final sign off will come with the final release. I hope you guys enjoy what we are going to deliver, it's been a long journey to get here, with many bumps along the way, but a lot of lessons to learn. But it's nice to be able to say that the project will finally have an ending point, an arching story with no loose ends, so to speak. Sure there are always things that can be added on, and likely improved upon, but everything has got to end at some point.

As for myself and Glassfish we are looking forward to the future and delivering new exciting projects, whether that be together or separately, expect some sexy projects in the not too distant future!

 - Nergal

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Urban Demons 1.0 - now in alpha!

Hey all!

I'm happy to announce that the 1.0 build (final build) has just entered alpha testing! Generally speaking I usually let alpha testing go on for about a week, but in this instance it will likely be 2, given the size of the update.

And to answer questions, no this alpha build won't be available to anyone except my small testing group. The beta build, which will be available publicly will likely come in 2 weeks (though less if there aren't as many bugs.)

I'll deliver a final update when the UD build is ready, along with a last sign off from Nergal's Nest.

Until then, hope you are all excited to see the final chapter!

-  Nergal

Thursday, 5 September 2019

Update - Patreon & (Hopeful) Release Date!

Hey all,

For the observant, Urban Demons is no longer welcome on Patreon, so I suggest checking here or discord for all updates related to Urban Demons!

That said, work will continue on the project until it's finished, and when the build is ready it will be available here to download! I'm hoping to have it finished by the end of the month, though I will likely put it through some major alpha testing first before releasing it to the public.

Remember to keep an eye on the trellos to see how progress is coming along!

Art Trello
Code Trello

Hopefully the patreon won't stay down for long as we start to put the pieces together for our next project!

Hope to update you again real soon!

 - Nergal

Friday, 14 June 2019

A Zombie's Life 1.1 Public Release

The final version of AZL is here. No more additional builds (except possibly bug fixes) will be released now. It's been a great experience with ups and downs, but I'm glad to see it finally hit the finished status.

I know there are many more things I could do with this project and equally as more I could improve. But these lessons I will take onto my next games as I continually grow and improve as a developer.

For all those who supported me for this long, thank you! Without continued support this game wouldn't have been possible.

Also a massive thank you to ScarlettAnn for her tireless work on the project! I know she is a part of some amazing new projects, so I am grateful for her last minute contributions towards this project.

I'm looking forward to the future now, with new and exciting things to come!


Sunday, 31 March 2019

Urban Demons 0.11-beta - Released!

Hey guys,
0.11 has been released and ready for download!

DOWNLOAD. Here is the full change log: New scenes / events:
- Neala's Full Progression has been added (including a new BJ scene for her), including her cosplay event - Kimberly's Store Doggy intro has been added - Kimberly's Cosplay Costume and Event have been added - Sarah's "10 heart scene" has been added (this replaces the art that occurs when Fred records you with Sarah) - Lisa's "10 heart scene" has been added (this replaces the former missionary art) - Donna's Daily Dialogue's have been completed Gameplay Changes: - The Otherworld is once again accessible - The Invisibility and Persuasion skills are no longer available from the start and must be found in the Otherworld - The Cafe has been majorly reworked - there are now more characters there are certain times and hopefully some scenes will come in the future! Bug Fixes: - Fixed a major bug where sometimes the auto-save would load to a black screen - Made it less confusing for Donna's progression. The journal entry doesn't show the Donna invite to school option until she has visited home - Fixed an issue where the first Donna home visit is skipped - You can now no longer visit the school on the weekend or the bar earlier than the afternoon/night

Friday, 22 February 2019

Urban Demons 0.10-beta.1

Hey all!


Now unfortunately I ran out of time this week to complete everything on the list, before I had plans for the weekend. However that said my focus on Sunday evening/ Monday will be adding in the important bits missing from this (see below), with hopefully a new build being ready (0.10-beta.2) Monday evening.

The next build official build will be 0.11 which will focus heavily on the Neala re-write, which involve a bit of the Underworld, but mostly will be based on your interactions with her in the real world. This build will also contain the incomplete work not released in the build this Monday.
I'm very much hoping to get this build done quite soon, I don't want to give a deadline, but I will say I expect it to be an extreme difference from the wait between 0.9 -> 0.10. But there will be an update more on this on Monday about how things are going.

Anyway, here's the change log:

Major Changes:
 - Donna re-write
- Full re-write you can now get her to your home and the school, and interact in the bar
- 1 New scene
 - The new map transfer system has been added
- Basically the city map is different
- You can view who is at what location for each day (but you have to discover that information first)
- North District and Central District now appear on the same map
 - You can now visit the public pool and invest!
- Buy Brigette, Sydney, Mrs Jennings, Ms Amos and Kimberly some sexy swim suits and have some fun!
 - Highschool has been added back in
- Very few interactions so far, but will be expanded upon in the future
Minor Changes:
 - The cost of comic shop investment has dropped to 400
 - The cost of comic costumes has dropped to 100
 - The camera is now only purchasable once and camera interactions spots should only appear now when you can actually use it
- Dizzy's recording scene is now available
- Ms Amos recording scene is now available
- Lisa's hidden recording scene is now available
Bug Fixes:
 - Sydney Babysitting Wardrobe Fuck now working
 - Added the Neala bust back into the file system, even though she's not back in the game yet it stops you crashing if you do find her
 - Can no longer get the Sydney dinner scene when she isn't there
 - Fixed a load of bugs on the Ms Amos and Sarah BM route

Incomplete / Known Issues:
 X All Donna's dialogue after first time scenes
 X Donna's Level 4 daily dialogue
 X Sydney's babysitting dialogue
 - Re-write the pay me on dialogues
 - Lisa Morning car BJ dialogue level 2 and up
 - Lisa Pre Toilet Dialogue Level 4/5
 - Kimberly store dialogue 4&5
 - Brigette - Store scenes (Build up dialogue is there, just scene dialogue is missing for BJ and Fuck)
 - Make Mrs Jennings Store TF repeatable
 - Ms Amos Dialogue (all levels) at the cafe
 X Failed to load dialogue: Data/Dialogues/Mrs Jennings/babysitting-corruption/3.txt
 X Failed to load dialogue:Data/Dialogues/Mrs Jennings/babysitting-purity/5.txt
 X Data/Dialogues/Dizzy/paymeon-peter-home-missionary-purity/5.txt

Hope you all enjoy and will catch up again in a couple days!
 - Nergal