Sunday, 31 March 2019

Urban Demons 0.11-beta - Released!

Hey guys,
0.11 has been released and ready for download!

DOWNLOAD. Here is the full change log: New scenes / events:
- Neala's Full Progression has been added (including a new BJ scene for her), including her cosplay event - Kimberly's Store Doggy intro has been added - Kimberly's Cosplay Costume and Event have been added - Sarah's "10 heart scene" has been added (this replaces the art that occurs when Fred records you with Sarah) - Lisa's "10 heart scene" has been added (this replaces the former missionary art) - Donna's Daily Dialogue's have been completed Gameplay Changes: - The Otherworld is once again accessible - The Invisibility and Persuasion skills are no longer available from the start and must be found in the Otherworld - The Cafe has been majorly reworked - there are now more characters there are certain times and hopefully some scenes will come in the future! Bug Fixes: - Fixed a major bug where sometimes the auto-save would load to a black screen - Made it less confusing for Donna's progression. The journal entry doesn't show the Donna invite to school option until she has visited home - Fixed an issue where the first Donna home visit is skipped - You can now no longer visit the school on the weekend or the bar earlier than the afternoon/night

Friday, 22 February 2019

Urban Demons 0.10-beta.1

Hey all!


Now unfortunately I ran out of time this week to complete everything on the list, before I had plans for the weekend. However that said my focus on Sunday evening/ Monday will be adding in the important bits missing from this (see below), with hopefully a new build being ready (0.10-beta.2) Monday evening.

The next build official build will be 0.11 which will focus heavily on the Neala re-write, which involve a bit of the Underworld, but mostly will be based on your interactions with her in the real world. This build will also contain the incomplete work not released in the build this Monday.
I'm very much hoping to get this build done quite soon, I don't want to give a deadline, but I will say I expect it to be an extreme difference from the wait between 0.9 -> 0.10. But there will be an update more on this on Monday about how things are going.

Anyway, here's the change log:

Major Changes:
 - Donna re-write
- Full re-write you can now get her to your home and the school, and interact in the bar
- 1 New scene
 - The new map transfer system has been added
- Basically the city map is different
- You can view who is at what location for each day (but you have to discover that information first)
- North District and Central District now appear on the same map
 - You can now visit the public pool and invest!
- Buy Brigette, Sydney, Mrs Jennings, Ms Amos and Kimberly some sexy swim suits and have some fun!
 - Highschool has been added back in
- Very few interactions so far, but will be expanded upon in the future
Minor Changes:
 - The cost of comic shop investment has dropped to 400
 - The cost of comic costumes has dropped to 100
 - The camera is now only purchasable once and camera interactions spots should only appear now when you can actually use it
- Dizzy's recording scene is now available
- Ms Amos recording scene is now available
- Lisa's hidden recording scene is now available
Bug Fixes:
 - Sydney Babysitting Wardrobe Fuck now working
 - Added the Neala bust back into the file system, even though she's not back in the game yet it stops you crashing if you do find her
 - Can no longer get the Sydney dinner scene when she isn't there
 - Fixed a load of bugs on the Ms Amos and Sarah BM route

Incomplete / Known Issues:
 X All Donna's dialogue after first time scenes
 X Donna's Level 4 daily dialogue
 X Sydney's babysitting dialogue
 - Re-write the pay me on dialogues
 - Lisa Morning car BJ dialogue level 2 and up
 - Lisa Pre Toilet Dialogue Level 4/5
 - Kimberly store dialogue 4&5
 - Brigette - Store scenes (Build up dialogue is there, just scene dialogue is missing for BJ and Fuck)
 - Make Mrs Jennings Store TF repeatable
 - Ms Amos Dialogue (all levels) at the cafe
 X Failed to load dialogue: Data/Dialogues/Mrs Jennings/babysitting-corruption/3.txt
 X Failed to load dialogue:Data/Dialogues/Mrs Jennings/babysitting-purity/5.txt
 X Data/Dialogues/Dizzy/paymeon-peter-home-missionary-purity/5.txt

Hope you all enjoy and will catch up again in a couple days!
 - Nergal

Saturday, 23 June 2018

Player Preferences Quiz

Hey all,
I've made a little quiz I'd be very appreciative of you filling in! :)

You can answer it here! 

You'll also get a very small reward if you do ;) Please answer honestly as it's very important for future decision making. Even if you didn't like any of my current projects, it's worth doing so now!

- Nergal

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Urban Demons - patch fix

Patch fix version here.

Full Version here.


  • fixed dizzy bug where you couldn't get her final scene
  • fixed a potential issue where you could get Dizzy's progression above 5
  • fixed an issue where you couldn't take the camera back from Ms Amos camera position
  • You can now finally invite Brigette and Sydney to the comic book event
  • Corrected the journal entry for Mrs J Address
  • Created an icon showing video camera locations instead of the red circle
  • fixed the somebodysetupusthebomb cheatcode to actually work
  • Corrected the journal system if you're following the BM route for Sarah
  • fixed an issue where the first time with Lisa at her home while watching her doesn't play
  • Removed an issue with Ms Amos, if you do her kitchen fuck at level 5 your level with would increase
  • Removed the call to make Kimberly Level 6 as well from the morning fuck

    • I've created a piece of code that will resolve that for all characters, resetting their level to 5 if above 5
  • Fixed the level 5 undertable BJ for Brigette
  • Fixed repeat Fred event with Sarah
  • If you use the "idontplaygames" cheat code, all characters appear now instead of having to meet them
  • Fixed a bug where game would crash if level 4 & above and try to watch TV with Alison
  • fixed a bug where Lisa wouldn't re-appear after the double bj at level 5
  • fixed the BG for Lisa's scene from being huge
  • Fixed Sydney BM shower reply
  • Fixed a bug where if you had the Mrs Jennings - Tease pick, it stopped you uploading images to PayMeOn

    • For now, the Mrs Jennings - Tease pic won't be available to upload, but it should work again
  • The Principal yelling event will no longer play if the player is above Level 2 with Mrs Jennings, stopping some freezes from happening
  • Fixed a load of scenes with missing the PayMeOn overlay
  • Fixed an issue where Kimbelry would sometimes disappear at level 1
  • If this happens to you, try going to the park entrance first, then back to where Kimberly normally is

Monday, 18 June 2018

Urban Demons - patch fix

I know, another patch so soon? I'm just trying to make the build as stable as possible so development on 1.0 can begin on a (hopefully) clean slate. If no further major issues are reported then this should be he last patch for 0.9.2 and the development work for 1.0 can begin.

Download the patch here. 

Patch Notes:

 - Fixed an issue with the second Brigette chilli scene playing causing players to get stuck (Map 14)

 - Fixed Ms Amos level 4 invite fuck - she won't invite you until you've got all her dialogue (Long Progression only)

 - Fixed the Mrs Jennings x Brigette post threesome dialogue (again)

 - Fixed Ms Amos Journal Crash

 - Fixed Dizzy dialogue giving points to Sarah in certain dialogues.

 - Fixed Ms Amos Store Grope dialogue

 - Fixed a bug where Sarah's BJ at level 2 would cause the BG to stay on screen

 -- This will fix your save AS LONG AS YOU DIDN'T GO OFF THAT MAP

 - No window appears when seeing Ms Amos masturbate when playing hide & seek

 - Sydney PayMeOn now allows her scene to be uploaded instead of Dizzy's (you have to replay the scene though)

 - Brigette's PayMeOn scene now plays

 - Mrs Jennings PayMeOn scene now plays (the tell her about it one)

 - Sydney now allows you to take a photo of her in the afternoon at the TV

 - Fixed issue with saving Amanda from creep on corrupt route

 - Fixed an issue with Kimberly's text messages

 - Brigette's Ride scene now plays at level 5

 - Fixed the morning shower at level 5 so the grope picture doesn't stay stuck on the screen

 - Brigette Level 5 undertable BJ now plays

 - Fred threesome/fred record scenes now play properly

 - Fixed a bug where if you failed (or didn't do all dialogue) before Brigette awake ride triggers you couldn't complete it

  -- If you were in this position before simply reload and try going to sleep again, it will fix the issue

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Urban Demons patch

Just a quick patch fixing a few issues:

 - Fixed a few errors in the undertable-bj for Sydney at various levels and routes
 - Fixed some erros in dialogue for Ms Amos Alone BJ
 - fixed Sydney day anal for level 4 dialogue
 - Fixed an issue where a player could get stuck if he showers first then offers to help Brigette make dinner
 - Fixed Brigette Shower Show off at Level 5 & Fixed a bug where Ms Amos would gain rep on a shower grope instead of Brigette 
 - Corrected Script call for checking if you already have the picture of Sydney changing
 - Helping Dizzy no longer skips and extra time period when it's not supposed to
 - Kimberly and Amanda no longer appear twice when attempting to find Amanda for the second time

Urban Demons 0.9.2 & Update

Download here.

Hey all!

The 0.9.2 build is available to download from the blog and discord!

There's been a lot of bug fixes, here are the major ones:

Major Changes:

 - Brigette now has her long progression dialogue added

 - All characters now have their long progression level 5 dialogue added

 - New cheats added (old ones removed - see ConsoleCodes.txt in the Help folder)

 - Hall of Memories is back (activated from the mirror in Peter's room)

 - Ms Amos Journal now active

 - Can take and sell pictures again

 - The Main journal now has a couple entries (this features generic things unrelated to a specific character)

Bug Fixes:

 - fixed a major bug where the animation cache wasn't being cleared after an animation. This eventually caused all future animations to fail (until the game reset) as well as causing performance problems on some PCs

 - fixed a critical bug in Sydney's route when replaying the undertable BJ that cuased you to max out her progression

 - fixed an issue around the park BJ being based on Brigette's progression instead of Sydneys

 - You can only invite Sydney to shower in the afternoon now

 - Also under table dinner BJ stops from getting +1 progress when repeated

 - Sarah is no longer blocked from texting her to the bathroom (though you have to wait a day after she sees your cock)

 - Dizzy's long progression is no longer blocked

 - Ms Amos house 2nd floor has blocking walls

 - Johnathon no longer appears in the at home BJ during the mornings (when he isn't there!)

 - Slightly altered her level 2 purity dialogue in the morning

 - Can no longer raise Ms Amos progression above 5 by repeating the night time event over and over again

 - Lisa now disappears after giving the in car BJ in the morning

 - Kimberly's morning visit now has different dialogue based on level

 - Kimberly will no longer always follow you after repeating the park fuck

 - Dizzy can now be spoken to on the first day when she is leaving

 - Game now properly tracks if the player is a virgin or not


I also wanted to give a quick update about how you can expect delivery going forward. After discussing with Glassfish we've decided to go with smaller iterations, but more prompt.

Basically this means you'll be getting more builds, but less content in those builds.

As an example, the first 1.0 build (1.0.1) will contain just the Kaylee reworked progression (or maybe we'll start with Donna, not sure yet.) The next will be 1.0.2 and contain the Donna re-worked progression.

Basically this will allow it to be easier play tested (since there's only a few things to actually play test (comparatively). And it also means we could have it released within a few weeks.

This will allow you guys to get the same content but delivered at probably a nicer pace.

Some updates won't have any new artistic content (for example, the main map rework will likely be it's own update), so you could probably skip it.